How To Coffee Stain Your Furniture Using Coffee, Tea Bags, and Vanilla Extract
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How To Coffee Stain Your Furniture Using Coffee, Tea Bags, and Vanilla Extract

Home Crafting

Coffee Staining Your Items, A hot Trend In Primitive Style. A new wave of country primitive style has been rediscovered. Old, worn, and comfortable. Old tables with all their history, cabinets with a touch of whimsy and country charm, right down to old crocks that if they could talk, the stories they could tell. In a hectic life we now live today, some of us yearn for the easy, and simple life of old.

Lately, it seems to be in our decor. Bringing back the old to give us the feeling of a simpler time. Country primitive is simple, and comforting. One of the best ways to give new items an old look is through coffee and tea staining. This will give any fabric and most finishes an aged look of a time gone by. This is my own recipe for what I call my Grubby mix. One that has served me well over the years. Hope you can all find a use or 2 for it.

Depending on your needs, and your darkness you would like, will base it on how much coffee you need to use. I'll share my extreme mix with you so that you can lighten it to your needs.

First, we need an eight ounce jar of instant coffee. Any brand will work as the effects will be the same.

I like to use 20 tea bags. Any brand will work as well. The tea gives the mix a touch of reddish orange, nice in staining.

2 ounces of vanilla extract. This will give the staining a nice smell as well as another hue of brown.

a tablespoon of cinnamon as this also enhances the brown tones and again, the smell is Divine. You'll appreciate it in fabrics as the aromas of the stain will be delightful when ironing fabric.

64 ounces of water.

In a large saucepan, boil the water and remove from heat. add all the rest of the ingredient's to the mix and let cool to room temperature. Remove the teabags and the mix is ready to go. On fabric, especially muslin, soak your piece in the mix, making sure its completely covered and wring out. allow to sit in a pile, scrunched up for about a half an hour then hang out on the line. Much like tie dying, you can twist it up for added tones of color throughout the piece. Allow to air dry and iron. I keep a spray bottle of water near the iron when I do iron to get it nice and smooth. I also add a few drops of essential oils for added fragrance.

On wood, treat it like regular stain. use a brush to apply it and wipe off. On painted wood, let it sit for a bit before whipping off so that it can better penetrate the surface.

Again, practice this at first and have fun playing with the different colors you get from dying your fabrics. No two pieces ever come out the same. Its an affordable way to bring some of the old to your home and for crafters to craft some wonderful dolls and decor.

Have fun!

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Comments (7)

Okay, Okay, I get it...You're a genius!!! This factoid is OUTSTANDING!! Er, Mike Q...I recruited this girl but she didn't put in my referral code, and I really, really want my cart hitched to her horse! This woman is going places on this site!! Great job Mary...

Thanks so much Kevin! [blushing] Hope I make ya proud. Yes, please Mike, I didnt get to give Kevin credit. Again, thank you Kevin.

Excellent article, very interesting....I am already planning on trying this, have an old table that needs to be given a new look :) thanks a lot...

Thanks Kiran, Let me know how it turns out too!

Grubby Mix! Love it. This is great advice and I am going to have fun with trying this out. One Q though. How 'set' is the dye on fabric?

Hi Julie, It mainly depends on water quality. I find that with hard water, some of the mix can wash off. I do heat set it when I iron but I have soft water here in NC> Alot better for this process, but, you can also use crushed black walnut to do the same in coffees place. Ive been experimenting with it for a new article. Please do let me know how it turns out for you., Its alot of fun to see everyones work:o)


is it ok if I put a link up to your site? I am using your recipe with a few modifications... Like mulling spices, and in a smaller dose.